- A Mini Spa in the Palm of Your Hand!

OctoVie Skincare Brush
OctoVie Skincare Brush, A Mini Spa in the Palm of your Hand

OctoVie Skin Brush offers a 3-in-1 skin beauty benefits for smoother, healthier-looking glowing skin from your nose to your toes.    Hypo-allergenic skin brush helps cleanse - exfoliate - massage your skin for an easy, effective way to remove dead skin cell build-up, dirt, oil, and make-up.  Specially-designed nubs help to stimulate circulation and detox skin for a cleansing solution vs. fingertips alone, face cloths, bath poufs, loofahs or expensive cleansing brushes.  The waterdrop-shape of the OctoVie is ideal for your smaller creases on the face, while the larger, rounded end is designed for the body, hands, and feet.  After all, beauty is "feeling good in your skin".

- Pamela Auger, Founder of OctoVie is a nurse and medical esthetician


Skin Brushing for Detoxified Skin

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Even after just ONE use, users can see and feel a difference!  Reduced dryness and roughness on hands. AVOID use on rashes, cuts, infection, wounds, newly shaved skin or children under 13, not tested.

Smooth Hands

OctoVie has unique exfoliating and massaging nubs that help smooth skin, increase circulation for a more youthful look and feel.  Results shown above after 3 weeks of using OctoVie twice a day!

Exfoliate Detox Cleanse Face Body
More Youthful Skin

After 10 days of using the OctoVie, rash on arms aka chicken skin (keratosis piloris) was reduced after suffering for years.  A perfect, all-natural solution for a smoother, healthier skin.

OctoVie clears chicken skin
Chicken Skin

After 8 weeks of using OctoVie, you can see how stubborn, painful back acne was visibly reduced when antibiotics alone didn’t help. OctoVie is an easy, effective, every day skin care solution.

Teenage acne back
Back Acne

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