About Us


My Skincare Girl LLC is dedicated to skin beauty, help and wellness with a NEW, innovative OctoVie Skin & Beauty Brush designed to reveal smoother, healthier-looking skin.
We strive to provide our customers with an easy-to-use cleansing alternative. This commitment extends through our pride of manufacturing, packaging and transporting to ensure the integrity of the MADE IN USA process.

OctoVie Quick Facts: Your skin is your best accessory, your beginning!

Cleanse *Exfoliate *Micro circulate (3-in-1 beauty benefits) reveal smoother, healthier-looking, vitalized skin.

⇒No BPA or phthalates, latex-free.

⇒Created by Nurse/Medical Aesthetician during her breast cancer journey.

⇒Excellent for beauty, skin care, pedicure, massage, travel and gym bag.

⇒An easy, no-mess cleaning alternative to face cloths, loofahs, expensive cleansing brushes but doesn’t harbor germs because of non-porous, rinse-able and reusable.

Unique skin brush nubs assist elimination of impurities, detox, dead skin cell build-up.