Ergonomic look, fit and feel!

  • ◊ Flexible design provides a soft, flexible grip that won’t slip when wet or dry for body brushing to stimulate the lymph system and help remove toxins.
  • ◊ Smaller side is ideal for face while the larger side for the body.

 Specially-designed nubs!

  • ◊ Width and length of the OctoVie™ nubs give a “feeling good in your skin” cleansing that you must experience while promoting detoxification of your lymph system.  No more germ-filled face clothes or loofahs, use a skin brush for healthier way to clean!

 3-in-1 benefits!

  • ◊ Cleanses, exfoliates and gently circulates skin lifting away dead skin cell build-up and impurities.  Also speeds up cell rejuvenation for smoother, healthier and more youthful-looking skin. Specially-designed nubs give a gentle massage that helps to stimulate circulation, oxygenates and detoxes your skin for a “feeling good in your skin” cleansing experience.
  • ◊ Use with your favorite cleanser or enhance absorption of your skincare products using upward circular motions.  Don’t let all the goodness of your expensive serums and moisturizers be absorbed by your fingertips.

 Unique packaging!

  • ◊ Excellent for your beauty, skincare products, pedicures, travel purposes, gym or sports bags and college shower caddy.

Psst…  OctoVie™ skin brush floats in the tub so you’ll never loose it!  Why not bring it along for your next pedicure or trip?!

 Made in the USA!

  • ◊ BPA, latex and phthalate-FREE
  • ◊ Suitable and safe for skin contact.  Easy to clean and resistant to the absorption of a wide range of cosmetics and household products.

 Reusable skin brush!

  • ◊ Rinse after use and dry nub side face up.  Recommended to replace every 3 months like your toothbrush or sooner if nubs dull, change shape.
  • ◊ AVOID use on rashes, cuts, infections, open wounds or children under age 13.  Not intended to cure/treat medical conditions, consult your physician.