OctoVie Skin Brush offers a clean, bright look and feels for smoother, healthier-looking skin from your face to your toes.   Odor-free and non-porous, this unique skin brush helps Cleanse – Exfoliate – MicroCirculate your skin for a fresh, easy and clean way to remove dead skin cell build-up, dirt, oil, and make-up.  Specially-designed nubs help to stimulate circulation and detox skin for a cleansing solution vs. face cloths, loofahs, expensive cleansing brushes or fingertips alone.  The pointed teardrop end of the OctoVie Skin & Beauty Brush is ideal for your smaller creases on the face, while the larger, rounded end is designed for the body, hands, and feet.  With the OctoVie Skin & Beauty Brush, beauty is “feeling good in your skin”.
Facial Exfoliant Skin Scrubber Body Massage Brush